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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lakers 2008-09 Schedule Breakdown

As I had posted on this post, the full 2008-09 schedule for the Los Angeles Lakers is available, and I wanted to take a look in detail about it, so here's a breakdown of the schedule:

  • Oct./Nov. : 10 home, 5 away. A home-heavy schedule for the beginning of the season, including one away game against the Clippers. Only 3 back-to-backs. A moderate difficulty level in terms of the competition played.
  • Dec. : 7 home, 8 away. Just about even between home and away games. 4 back-to-backs. An easy month against the competition.
  • Jan. : 10 home, 6 away. Another home-heavy month, including an away game against the Clippers. 4 back-to-backs. Fairly tough month against the competition.
  • Feb. : 4 home, 9 away. Here's the first road-heavy month for the Lakers. 4 back-to-backs. Another fairly tough month in difficulty.
  • Mar. : 5 home, 10 away. The second straight road-heavy month for Los Angeles. Only 2 back-to-backs (plus first half of one leading into April). Very tough competition this month.
  • Apr. : 5 home, 3 away. Slightly more home games at the end of the regular season. Only 1 back-to-back (plus the second half of the back-to-back starting at the end of March). Fairly easy month against the competition.

The Lakers have a total of 19 back-to-back games this season. We don't have that many big breaks, which is good since teams are usually cold after not playing for a while. We have 3 times where we have 3 straight games off, all in November, 4 straight games off between December and January, and 5 straight games off for the All Star break in February.

As Laker fans know, Tuesdays are always a common day for Laker games, and this season is no exception. Tuesday leads the Laker season with 20 games. Sunday and Friday each have 16 games. Wednesday is next with 13 games this season. 9 Thursdays have Laker games. Mondays and Saturdays have the least amount of Laker games with only 4 each.