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Monday, September 10, 2007

Will Kobe Show Up?

Still plenty of speculation about whether Kobe Bryant shows up to training camp or not next month, Hoopsworld chimes in on the situation.

"While Bryant has quieted his push for a trade, he hasn't backed off it either. With the entire world watching the summer games, he's chosen to remain silent to any questions pertaining to the Lakers.

It's a concern because he's kept himself out of touch. He doesn't work out in El Segundo at the team's facility. He doesn't talk to management. Depending on whom you ask Bryant may not even show for training camp."

"Perhaps Bryant has no choice but to play out the season. Maybe Andrew Bynum progresses significantly and the team is better than anyone expected.

Maybe Bryant is rejuvenated and remains a Laker for life . . . rings soon follow, etc.

But what if he really doesn't show for training camp?

Would the Lakers have to trade him then? Would he take it as far as sitting for actual games? What would be the financial repercussions?"

Also from Hoopsworld, the writers talk about Kobe's attitude toward the media, and how it differs in certain situations.