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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Derek Fisher's 0.4 Second Buzzer Beater

I thought in honor of Derek Fisher signing back to the Lakers, I would post his miracle shot that beat the buzzer for the win in the 2004 NBA playoffs against the Spurs. I still remember the moment quite easily like it was yesterday.

Kobe Bryant hits a jumper to give the Lakers the lead. Then Tim Duncan hits an extremely tough shot with 0.4 seconds left to give the Spurs the one point lead. I still remember how tough it was to watch that shot go through the hoop with that little time left on the clock. But I still kept hope that the Lakers could still win the game because I have seen some crazy things happen in Laker games, and any time left on the clock meant that the Lakers still had a chance.

The last play was very nerve-wrecking to watch. The Spurs defense was all over the Lakers. Kobe, who was obviously going to be the first option with the numerous game winners and buzzer beaters he has hit, was being double teamed and couldn't get open. Fisher got open enough to catch the inbounds pass, turned and shot all in one motion with Manu Ginobili on him, and the shot dropped through the net to give the Lakers the win. Fisher went running and the Lakers went crazy, while the Spurs were deflated from the buzzer beater, and the Spurs lost the series to the Lakers 4-2. This shot is one of my top favorite memories of the Lakers, and something that I will never forget.